The Dream

Sometimes I just hate my life, don’t  you? I mean sure there are some good times but in all it’s like a trap, waiting until you’re happy, just to ruin it. The only thing that you’re left with is sadness and anger. I just want to say, “SCREW YOU TOO” to life, but I can’t, because life will always suck. It doesn’t matter how hard you try to make it perfect. There will always be something that gets you. Now, I’m not saying all of life sucks, I’m just saying with the good comes the bad. But an unusual amount of bad comes with having OCD in your life.

Imagine you’re stuck in a glass bottle in hell, but your alive. That’s pretty much the explanation of living with OCD. Now, I must say, OCD can be mild or severe, and many people out there live with much more severe OCD than I, but that still doesn’t mean that it doesn’t suck. I dream of days where I have no OCD, and what I’d be like without it, I can only imagine that I’d have long fake eyelashes and be a badass. But then again, it’s only a dream *insert middle finger and sad face, specifically directed towards life*. It’s my dream to just be a normal average person without having to worry about OCD. My OCD is like the invisible person who is unwanted, but still tags along. Where ever I go, there will always be two people in the room.